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As I mentioned earlier my afternoon distress from assignment one is have a good look around fellow students blogs.

I managed to stumble across some rather interesting blogs. It wasn’t just one post in particular, but many. If you are also looking for a de-stress and relaxation session then this page is defiantly a must. Tahlia has some rather interesting post. Having a read of her post might even help you understand some of the issues with ICT or that yu might be having with the course. I know personally I have had the feeling of banging my head against a brick wall a few times through this course. So sometimes reading others post/blogs can help relax and even be insightful in aiding you in your studies.


Happy reading.








Student Interactions

Hello all again……

As I have submitted assignment 1, I thought I would use the afternoon to have a quick browse through a few fellow bloggers post.

I found Bethanhy’s post to be rather interesting as to explain to people why the majority of teachers become teachers. The attached photo on Bethany’s post is a simple yet insightful look at what and why we become teachers! might surprise a few that its no all about the money! Also that teachers actually care about their kids (students), however the kids and parents may sometimes beg to differ!





I smell a RAT!

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This is just a quick blog to give readers the chance to have a look at the app available  the iTunes app store or on Google play.

The app is designed to help users identify how effective ICT is in relation to the RAT assessment guide. The tool allows teachers to examine how useful their integration of ICT across their unit plan while also providing the opportunity to look at the effectiveness of individual lessons.

If you get the chance download the app and have a play. You may find it useful, or you might find just engaging with study desk and the internet is more useful. I have just downloaded the app today and am still playing and tinkering away with it.


Hope this has been of some help to you!







Assignment 1!

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As the time has come to submit EDC3100 assignment 1, I hope al are travelling ok with it. I managed to submit earlier this morning and after a few ups and downs think I have completed everything that was needed. I wish all fellow students all the best with their submissions. Here’s to hoping we all get good results.


On a side note here is a good read for you to have a break from study to try and unwind from the tortures of assignments. Hopefully it will relax you a little before diving into module 2 and assignment 2.


All the best for the rest of the semester and thanks for following



Concept Map

This post may be seen as belated, as it refers to week 2 learning path.

Here is the link to my concept map I made in Gliffy. The concept map looks at why or why not to use ICT in the classroom.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the map. whether you agree or disagree with any parts of it.

The most important thing I found with the why or why not idea of ICT was that he teacher needed to be well prepared or trained in the ICT being used and that the concept of the ICT being used would not be difficult for the learner or student to grasp. If these barriers can be overcome I believe ICT can be invaluable in the educational setting.


A bit of excitement =)

While catching up on my fellow classmates blogs, I found this on Danny’s (AKA MrClancy) blog. Was an interesting read about all the bloggers in EDC 3100. I thought might be a bit of light reading fellow students might enjoy, to try take a little study break for 5 minutes. Head to Mr Clancy’s blog and check it out.


Struggles of time Management

I am working my through the learning paths and still in a bit of unknown place. Although I think I am starting to see the benefits of some of the online tools. I am still struggling to get everything done each week, but I am sticking to it to keep up to date.

As I read others post I see the course seems to get more interesting. Katherine has mentioned that she has been really enjoying week 3 learning path, which I am about to start, hence I am looking forward to see what this has to offer.

Also a reminder to fellow students about the importance of copyright when using ICT. Here is a page that will provide you with vital information about copyright and what you need to know and what needs to be referenced and what does not.



ICT – Explanation Made Easy

Hi All,

Not sure if you have viewed this video or not. If you haven’t its  simple video that can make difficulties with learning new ICTs easy for you to understand. Whether you are the one trying to understand the new technology or you are trying to explain it. Gives an interesting insight on how things can be difficult for either party.




EDC3100 – Questions Responses

How different is this course from previous courses you’ve completed?

This course is different, as it has the eBooks, I am enjoying doing these books, I find them a quality way to learn

If it is, what are some of the differences?

As above the eBooks are different from previous courses. Also the ICTs we have to use for this course are different and also make things tedious at times.

How do you feel about these differences?

The eBooks are great, really enjoy reading them, and I don’t like reading. Also that there is a checklist, so if you have to have a break you know where you are up to and where to start from after your break.

If you feel frustrated, confused etc about the differences, why do you feel that way? Is it because they are badly designed for you? Is it because you haven’t fully understood them? Is it because it’s too difficult to understand them? Other reasons?

I feel frustrated as it can be time consuming and hard to understand some of the ICTs used in this course. Also trying o get my head around this subject and the best way to tackle it. I think it is badly designed, only because I study online and its hard to manipulate some of these new social media resources and gaining assistance in overcoming these barriers. It is generally just trying to figure out how to install and navigate your way around all the different resources, a bit of an overload. I also believe that there wasn’t enough information given about setting up all these resources prior to week 1.


To finish my Blog, head here and have a watch of  a clip about ICT. found it interesting video considering the course we are studying.

Also if you like reading, here is an article you may like to read.