Hello everyone,
Firstly I guess you are all wondering why I have Dr Seuss in my Subject field. To that a bit latter on.My Name is Justin, I hail from country Victoria in a small town called Horsham.

I am studying secondary education majoring in Sport, Health and Physical Education with a minor of Mathematics. How I am also a qualified electrician by trade who is having a bit of a work “sea change” so to speak. I have been a “sparky” for 11 years now, although 3 years ago I decided to jump ship and start my degree in teaching, as I believe that’s where my real passion lies.

I like to keep fit and active, although we all need our couch time to relax! I play football and basketball competitively, and also enjoy cycling, boxing and water skiing.

Here is a link to my Blog. feel free to check it out.

Back to Dr Seuss, check out this clip, its an animated version of the book “oh the places you will go”, I find this book has parts that reflect my life path so far. It is also a useful teaching tool to educate students, whether primary or secondary. It can be interpreted many different ways. It can also be used by us as teacher (or soon to be teachers) to help get through days, tough or easy.
It also can refer to ICT, as sometimes we don’t know where we are going with ICT, but at some stage we will get to the end and it will all make sense!


Justin Chilver



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