EDC3100 – Questions Responses

How different is this course from previous courses you’ve completed?

This course is different, as it has the eBooks, I am enjoying doing these books, I find them a quality way to learn

If it is, what are some of the differences?

As above the eBooks are different from previous courses. Also the ICTs we have to use for this course are different and also make things tedious at times.

How do you feel about these differences?

The eBooks are great, really enjoy reading them, and I don’t like reading. Also that there is a checklist, so if you have to have a break you know where you are up to and where to start from after your break.

If you feel frustrated, confused etc about the differences, why do you feel that way? Is it because they are badly designed for you? Is it because you haven’t fully understood them? Is it because it’s too difficult to understand them? Other reasons?

I feel frustrated as it can be time consuming and hard to understand some of the ICTs used in this course. Also trying o get my head around this subject and the best way to tackle it. I think it is badly designed, only because I study online and its hard to manipulate some of these new social media resources and gaining assistance in overcoming these barriers. It is generally just trying to figure out how to install and navigate your way around all the different resources, a bit of an overload. I also believe that there wasn’t enough information given about setting up all these resources prior to week 1.


To finish my Blog, head here and have a watch of  a clip about ICT. found it interesting video considering the course we are studying.

Also if you like reading, here is an article you may like to read.











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