Long Weekend……

Hi to all my fellow bloggers,

I hope all fellow students are having a productive long weekend! hopefully everyone is chipping away nicely at the assignment and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As we are coming along in our educational journey as pre service teachers, I believe it is important to have a strong support system around you. whether it be to obtain help, bounce ideas around or even offering help to others. The ability to have people to communicate and work co operatively with can only be advantageous for any work place, although it’s importance is far greater in the educational setting.

Thus I find it important to stay in contact with fellow students and learn from them as well as the course content. In say that if you have the time have a read of Tahlia’s blog, it is a great read on the importance of ICTs.






USQ… Helping us out

Good evening Bloggers,

Tonight’s post I’m looking at a couple of links that might be a help read for the weekend ahead.

The first site talk about how you can harness technology to enhance and benefit you study techniques. This link provides you with a few handy hints on how to keep up to date with the technology and what the best advice is in using to your advantage.

The second site is the USQ social hub. This site is a handy site to keep and eye on and maybe even add to your favourites list. it has many different tabs, including blog posts, photos, videos, slides and access to the Hey U university magazine. If you haven’t had a look at this site yet I suggest you have a look.

I hope you all have a great weekend.



Uni Struggles……. :/

Hello again to all my blogger followers,

Todays post is looking at the struggle of university life. If you are like me you are trying to juggle work, university and social life! This can be a very ambiguous task and many may struggle with this.

Elly has a rather insightful blog regarding stresses in relation to your study.

Elly also talks about how important your mental health is. and looks at “how good mental health is associated with”:

– “higher productivity”
– “ability to make good life choices”
– “ability to handle the natural ups and downs of life”
– “healthy relationships”
– “physical health and wellbeing”

Elly also makes link to Nicole’s post on time management which can also be useful in making sure you use you plan you time wisely, allowing for plenty of work rest and play!







Extra Extra read all about it! New teachers!

Good afternoon fellow bloggers,


This post is just to present you with the link to an interesting article I found for new teachers. As we are studying this course as pre service teachers I though it might be useful for some to have a quick read.

I looks at a number of different issues faced by new teachers. the interesting part of the article is that it actually looks at both primary and secondary setting so it is applicable read for teachers aspiring for either setting.

There are some really interesting parts of the article. I have posted a few blogs which have ha links to article, however I think this has been the most interesting read out of all of them. So if you haven’t taken the time to read any of mine yet I highly recommend taking the time to read this one. It might actually be really useful for you, especially with teaching round coming up.





Good afternoon fellow bloggers,


Today I am post about the tedious task of referencing. As we all know, most dislike referencing and can even go as far as having a hatred towards it.

Yesterday I was shown a handy trick by a fellow student on a handy little trick which you may find useful when completing your assignments.

It involves using a tool within Microsoft word to aid in successfully completing your referencing in a timely manner with little or no trouble at all.

If you are interested in learning how to using the referencing tool within Microsoft word head to the hyperlink and watch the instructional video on YouTube on how to use it.

I haven’t used it yet but will be on my next assignment, as fellow students have said its a lot easier than this referencing tool which another student told me about.

I hope this post may be of some use to you.


Until next time…..








Hi all fellow bloggers,


If you are reading this to take time out from study due to procrastination then you are in for a real treat. I recently cam across an article posted by no other than the University of Southern Queensland about procrastination and how to do it successfully.

I was a bit bemused as to why the university was trying to help students to procrastinate, however it may be interesting to some. I know I am on the other foot and need all the help I can get to not procrastinate, so if you are the same you may want to think of how you can turn this information portrayed in the link around and put a positive spin on it. I know that what I will have to do.

Also I ask if you are reading this and have any handy tips that help you to overcome procrastination, feel free to contact me and pass on any tips you have, I would greatly appreciate them.


Cheers to all fellow procrastinators!


Until next time,







Use of time……

Good afternoon fellow bloggers,


Just a little blog about time management. As I have recently started a new job in a local school, my time allowances have reduced. I find it difficult to stay on task at times.

I was lucky enough to come across Nicole’s Blog on time management which I found to be rather interesting. If you have sim problem to me, I suggest maybe taking the time to have a read. it may be of some help in benefiting your study time and schedule.

In the post is also a link to Isaac Eliaz article on ‘Why Stress Management Is So Important for Your Health’ which could also be of some use to you as well.



Back In The Swing…..

Well it week 2 back after the holidays are things are back into full swing. I hope everyone had a great break (although I know there wasn’t much of a break as assignments were looming), Here’s to hoping we are all feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester head on!

As we move onto further study of ICT, I believe this little GEM will aid in helping realise how we need to amplify and transform ICT to help benefit the classroom.

I hope all are getting there head around the course content, as I know I am still struggling a bit with it. I am hoping it will all piece together in the coming days.

All the best for the rest of the semester.