Hi all fellow bloggers,


If you are reading this to take time out from study due to procrastination then you are in for a real treat. I recently cam across an article posted by no other than the University of Southern Queensland about procrastination and how to do it successfully.

I was a bit bemused as to why the university was trying to help students to procrastinate, however it may be interesting to some. I know I am on the other foot and need all the help I can get to not procrastinate, so if you are the same you may want to think of how you can turn this information portrayed in the link around and put a positive spin on it. I know that what I will have to do.

Also I ask if you are reading this and have any handy tips that help you to overcome procrastination, feel free to contact me and pass on any tips you have, I would greatly appreciate them.


Cheers to all fellow procrastinators!


Until next time,








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