Welcome back Bloggers,

Today we are looking one of the ICTs I used on placement in a golf class.

It is pretty high tech ICT that most schools wouldn’t have. However this school has a special sports program so it has access to a few special gizmos and gadgets. That part of prac was really interesting.

The ICT used was golfs ‘TrackMan‘. The software allows students to look at many different facets of there game and how to make precise skill adjustments to perfect their game.

The fact that the school had access to this ICT made it like winning the lottery when trying to incorporate ICT into the classroom. I enjoyed using and learning how to use this new technology I never knew anything about. My mentor was really helpful in teaching me the basic functions so I was able to use ‘TrackMan’.

If you get a chance have a look at the link above, it gives you an overview of the technology and if you like it you can navigate your way around the website to find more in depth information.

Until next time…….




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