Maths Test….

hello again fellow Bloggers,

While on placement this time, it was the first time I was able to see the start and finish of a whole unit of work including final assessment.

This was in teaching year 7 maths. The unit I taught was fractions. It was a really great feeling to be able to watch students work through the entire unit of work, then when you see the students learn and achieve is amazing. It was challenging to work through with differing levels of ability and allowing for this in classes, but was rather enjoyable.

Not only that I also learnt about the importance of preparation, more on that in my next blog.

It was also great to sit my first maths test. On other placements I have always missed the test. So that was an interesting learning curve. Monitoring the students on strict test conditions was tedious and an eye opener, especially with year 7’s.

Finally for any aspiring maths teachers if you are ever wondering on way to present maths content, have a look at the Khan Academy website, it is a great resource for any maths problem you have, wether it be great or small.

Until next time……









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