Placment Week 1 Wrap up!

Good afternoon fellow bloggers,

Well it the week one placement wrap up, the week has just flown by. I cannot believe im am a third of the way through already. I do not want this to end.

I have already taken plenty of notes on my observations. Especially being my first placement in a metropolitan school, I have taken a lot in with regards to classroom and behaviour management.

I have taught my first lesson which went really well, and got some great feedback. That included both positive and negative feedback.

I have also been introduced into some really great initiatives that the school has employed to help with lifting their students literacy levels, whilst also focusing on professional development with the teachers.

I also was able to arrange to attend and teach extra classes with another teacher. which is great as I get to see more students and get feedback from not only my mentor but also what I guess you could call my second mentor.

onwards and upwards towards week 2!

until next time…..




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