Prac Week 1…….Day 1……

Good morning fellow bloggers,

Well it was the first day of placement, I arrived at the school, rather nervous not knowing what was in front of me. I was introduced to the placement officer and shown around the school, the tension slowly eased.

As the induction went on, I realised I was lucky and I think the placement was going to be ok. Then I was going to go meet my mentor, and he wasn’t in that day. I thought great just when I thought it was going great guns, it all started to go down hill. However this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I was able to meet other teachers within the faculty. this made it easier later in prac for viewing and taking further classes outside of my mentors load. Then later that day my mentor ended up coming to school, so it turned out well for the first day. We went through my timetable and what I was going to observe and teach and working through a few things.

After all the stress and tension of the first day I went back to my accommodation feeling a little more at ease compared to the start of the day when I was waiting at the front office.

Stay tuned for more insights to my placement in coming blogs.

Until next time….





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