Prepartion…..IS THE KEY!

Hello all fellow Bloggers,

This blogs topic is on preparation.

Whilst on Prac I was teaching a number of different subjects, so as some would think there may have been a class where I was under prepared. And you guessed it! It was the worst class that I taught out of the whole placement.

It related back to my preparation, it was period 5 on a ‘6 on’ day. I was under the pump and didn’t get as much time to plan as I would have liked. I would suggest to all pre-service teacher to make sure you do not fall into the situation, whether it be while on placement or when you are qualified. Its was a daunting feeling and one I hope it never happens again.

So how do we stop this? make sure we are fully prepared for lesson. make sure you know the content and have a well planned lesson. Here are also some tips for successful class preparation.

I hope this blog has been useful.

Until next time……





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