Week 2 begins…..

Welcome back fellow bloggers,

My placement blogs continue here with the beginning of week 2.

This week has a lot more formality about it. As I have already been here for a week everything is a lot more structured with all my priorities and what is expected of me. I am enjoying being in the school and learning the daily routines of a teacher. Attending morning staff briefings and after school staff meetings are starting to feel normal, along with the dreaded yard duty! (lucky my duty is near the canteen!)

This week sees the introduction of a few more lessons with ICT and seeing how they involves the students and how they react to the implementation of them. Some are ICTs they had already used and I used a couple that were new to them. So it was interesting to see how they reacted. Generally speaking it all went pretty well. was a few teething problems.

Again got some insightful feedback from my mentors form classes I taught as well as gaining information about classes I observed and why they did certain things they way they did.

Overall had a great week 2. only downfall is I know that was only 1 week left!

until next time…….




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