Week 2 – Health Class – Part 2

Welcome back Bloggers,

In this blog we will continue on with reflection of the health classes taught while on placement. Along with the ‘Amy” Video from my previous Blog, which focused on self indemnity. We took the unit of Identity further by looking at self esteem.

In the next lesson we looked at different reason for different levels of self esteem and what effects these levels. Students also participated in a classroom discussion on ways to overcome low self esteem. They also watched this on self esteem, which engaged students in further discussion on the issue.

The use of these interactive videos were really effective in getting the students to concentrate on the issue and open up on the issue. Some students were not overly keen to open up on some discussions which was fine. My mentor made it clear that students didn’t have to say how they felt if they didn’t want to.

Again this lesson was very interesting to be apart of, and I learnt a lot in presenting this unit on identity.

Until next time…..




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