week 3, Mixed up!

Hello again bloggers,

It was the start of week 3, Year 10 and 11’s had exams so I lost a few classes. That’s where the mix up began. due to this I was thrown around a bit. However this was great as I learnt a lot about time management and how you have to be really prepared when you are a teacher. As things can change at the drop of a hat and need to make sure you are not planning a the last minute.

I was able to go see a lot of different classes in week three. which gave me an insight into different teaching strategies and methods and working with a broad range of students.


Back to time management, and its importance. I have attached a few links to interesting management theories that might help in preparing for those days when it seems like all is falling apart and how to try be prepared for these days!

Time management strategies is a web page brought to you from the Queensland Government, and is a great starter for you.

Time Management has 10 strategies to help you in the best management of you time.

The last link  provides you with an in depth look at multiple tips, ideas and strategies for successful planning and management.

Hopefully this has been useful for you.

Until next time…….




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